Secure Auditor: Audit the weakest link in enterprise security

Published: 28th September 2010
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Security audit and compliance are integral activities for auditors as they define controls and identify risk level to depict exact security posture of an organization. The massive task of security auditing requires exceptional IT skills because now dayís organizations are extremely dependant on digital assets which require continuous auditing and control.

While conducting audit, one of the biggest issues encountered by auditors is to thoroughly check their network, systems and databases against international standards and compliance requirements. Unlike financial audit, IS audit cannot be conducted on sampling basis because intruders try to identify the most vulnerable machine and exploit its vulnerabilities to breach security. Various research studies have identified the great contrast between intruders and auditors approach. Intruders do not rely on sampling method and commonly initiate their search for exploitable vulnerabilities from backup or test servers and afterwards move on to production servers. On contrary auditors adopt absolutely opposite approach for general sampling preferences. This issue is becoming critical for auditor as privacy; security and data protection are among the most common issues addressed by International compliance standards like HIPPA, SOX, FISMA, GLBA, PCI data security standards.

Keeping in mind the above mentioned auditing concerns, Secure Bytes has developed a dynamic suit of software Secure Auditor which is a Unified Digital Risk Management Solution that explores the weakest link in enterprise security. It conducts automated audit against international policies like CIS, SANS and ISACA and provides exact specification for security vulnerabilities which could be exploit to get access to critical data and information assets of an organization.

Secure Auditorís functionality is divided into four main categories which are as follows.

1. Asset Identification and Discovery

2. Audit

3. Free Embedded Tools

4. Security Reports

Secure Auditor is the best partner for auditing professionals as it provides associated risk level of an organization. It also helps organizations in reducing risks like fraud, breach and abuse by providing detailed solutions of identified vulnerabilities. With the help of Secure Auditor, auditors can perform automated audit with GUI based easy to use interface. Secure Auditor is a single window operation for auditors to audit different platforms from single console without installing any agents.

Unlike traditional practices, Secure Auditor performs fast and accurate audit within minutes which increase efficiency and productivity of auditors. It also decreases time duration of an audit. Secure Auditor conducts audit against a database of thousands of checks which is continuously increasing with regular and frequent updates. It also ensures accountability by thoroughly analyzing the risk and generates more than 80 types comparative and competency reports as proof of existence of identified risks.

Secure Auditor facilitates compliance, penetration tests and forensics as it provides 30 free embedded utilities for Event Log Viewing, Password Auditing, Inventory and Asset Management, Configuration Management and Access Rights Auditing etc. Secure Auditor facilitates management, reduced monetary and reputational risk of an organization. To evaluate Secure Auditor visit Secure Bytes website and download a copy of Secure Auditor Evaluation Version, please follow the link given below.

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